Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biometric Medicine?

The Biometric Medicine philosophy is grounded on the basis that we are all unique – and so are our health needs. As the antithesis to our current healthcare system, Biometric Medicine detects & attempts to prevent future disease from occurring.

To achieve this goal, Biometric Medicine providers utilize the latest tools, many of which have only recently become available, including such modalities as, body scanning, in office sonography and echocardiography, advanced laboratory analysis, as well as genetic and epigenetic screening.

What Is a Biometric Profile?

Your Biometric Profile is a report revealing your unique health metrics, and how they are interdependent in relation to your overall health.

In other words – it is your biological identity, which can only be determined by taking into account all aspects of your health. This starts with your family history, current and past medical history, advanced physical and laboratory analysis, hormone levels, genetics, gene expression, and more!

Why do I need to determine my Biometric Profile?

Your Biometric Profile is necessary to not only understand the current state of your health, but also to contextualize possible future disease based on your current lifestyle, health metrics and genetics.

Furthermore, an effective health plan can only be implemented once there is a full understanding of your health. Your Biometric Health Plan does just that – provides a precise individualized blueprint or road map to transition to a new level of detecting and preventing disease to achieve ideal health, balance hormones, treat age as a disease, and allow for the potential to increase both health and lifespan.

What are Biomarkers?

Biomarkers are characteristic biological measurements which are indicators of biological processes that are used as metrics to predict clinical outcomes.

How is this different from a regular health maintenance plan?

With our advanced technological assessment tools, we use a proactive method to identify a patient’s profile and develop a unique health plan to prevent these diseases before they manifest. 

What is Included in my Virtual Biometric Profile?
Once an intake is scheduled with one of our biometric practitioners, you will have the opportunity to either go to one of our convenient laboratories or have a nurse come directly to your home or office for blood draw. In approximately 2 weeks we will schedule a telehealth visit to review your biometric profile report and make recommendations.
What is included in my Full Biometric Profile?*

A complete Biometric Evaluation – completed at one of our clinics – will include a complete physical examination, advanced laboratory testing to include hormone levels and biomarkers, as well as genetic and epigenetic testing. In addition, you will have an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, sonography of major organs, and finally a complete body analysis, including percent body fat, lean muscle mass and water composition. (The Biometric Evaluation will complement your initial blood draws)

Do I have to come to a Biometric Health Clinic to get my Full Biometric Profile?*

Yes – your Organ System & Physical Analysis occurs at our Biometric Health Clinic.
(you have the option to complete the entire Evaluation at one of our clinics. Contact us for more information).   

When do I receive the results of my Biometric Profile?

You will receive your results approximately two weeks following your initial evaluation. A follow up appointment is made where all findings are reviewed in detail and a biometric profile plan is created.  

How long does an appointment last?

Appointment times may vary – a Blood Draw at a lab will take around 15-30 minutes. A full examination at one of our Biometric Health Clinic will take around 90 minutes to 2 hours

Can I pay with insurance?

We do not accept insurance; however, you may be able to use your HSA as we are a medical practice, and this is a qualified medical expense.

Are there any conditions that would prevent me from getting my profile?

We treat adults 18 and older and there are no medical conditions that would prevent you from obtaining your profile.  

How do I get started?

The first step is to sign up to enter into our Member portal. From there you will need to complete a quick On-Boarding form to notify our team of your needs and how to best contact you.

*In order to complete your Full Biometric Profile, you will need to visit one of our Biometric Health Clinics.