Biometric Profile & Health Plan

Your Biometric Profile options include:

Virtual Biometric Profile

With a simple blood draw in any of our partner's lab facilities, we deliver deep insights into your health through analysis of lifestyle, medical history, diet as well as advanced lab testing, analyzing over 25 biomarkers including metabolic, hormone and genetic health. This blood draw can be completed in nearly every U.S. City! Contact us for more information.


In-Clinic Biometric Profile

With a blood draw and a Biometric Body Scan, we are able to review the most vital components of your health, which include: a state of the art Cardiac Analysis, advanced lab testing, review of body composition and much more!  This evaluation is completed in-person in our clinic near The Woodlands, Texas.


Your Biometric Health & Action Plan

After analyzing your unique Biometric Profile, we deliver your Biometric Health & Action Plan which includes: tips on improving health, supplement and diet recommendations, exercise protocols and more! This can be delivered in person or virtually!

Included for both Biometric Profile options!

Additional Products & Services

(Prices vary for the items below, please contact us for more information)

Hormone Replacement

Optimize your hormone levels with our BioTe services!

Cancer Detection Test

Detect up to 51 types of cancers with the Galleri Test followed by actionable results to take care of your health

Epigenetic Testing

Test your true biological age with TruAge

Health Coaching

Personal Guide and Programs available to assist with your health journey

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