A Time for Personalized Medicine

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I’ve been a physician now for over 30 years. During the first 20 the acquisition of knowledge has been a slow and arduous process. This is in stark contrast to the last 10 years with the ability to acquire and validate new information has effectively been at unprecedented speed. This has led to what I consider to be the most exciting times in my entire career. However, much of the new information gained has dramatically changed my beliefs in health and medicine. The problem with medicine in general as it is now practiced is that the focus is on the outcomes and not the true causes. Everyone is being treated exactly the same way. With the explosion of new information and virtually instantaneous feedback, it is now possible to learn and validate a whole host of approaches and understandings of even the most intricate aspects of health and medicine including but not limited to such aspects as aging as well as the true causes of disease even before their inception.

For me personally, this has led to the realization that most disease is intricately related and that it has been a mistake to artificially individualize and focus exclusively on treating the end result of such things as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart and cardiovascular disease as well as many neurological and psychological entities such as anxiety and depression.  These diseases are always interconnected and are interdependent with all being different manifestations of usually the same disease process. This disease process can now be easily prevented and treated if the correct cause is identified and properly addressed.

by | Feb 4, 2022


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