Obesity – a Costly Disease

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The latest research continues to provide evidence that High BMI – or obesity – is strongly linked with an increased likelihood of being a major factor in causing heart disease, stroke and up to 13 types of cancer [1].

It is no secret that obesity is prevalent in the United States. In fact, the CDC concluded through its research that nearly 42% of Americans had High BMI levels [2]. This not only strains our current medical system, it strains one’s health, lifespan and wallet (medical costs for adults who had obesity were $1,861 higher than medical costs for people with healthy weight).

Maintaining a healthy weight is associated with better health outcomes – so why do so many people suffer from this disease? While many attribute high BMI to insufficient willpower and laziness – we at Biometric Profile Health understand that much of it comes from a lack of appropriate guidance by a committed healthcare professional. Outdated “Food Pyramids”, low health standards and general avoidance of the topic only hurts those suffering from high BMI.

At Biometric Profile Health, we provide expert guidance on diet, exercise and measure important health metrics to ensure your health is improving alongside your weight loss. We also recommend maintaining continual contact and yearly evaluations throughout your weight loss journey to maintain consistent health.

Contact us today to inquire about our services and protocols for proactively engaging in your health and weight loss journey.



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by | Aug 27, 2022


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